Q: Why Tiny Books?
A: I want to make a change to how eBook businesses should operate. I have seen, eBook companies or stores, selling eBooks WAY more than it should be. My store is all about the customers and making the eBooks cost effective. For a price of coffee or a simple meal at a cafe should be the same for an eBook.

Q: What format does TinyBook support?
A: We use an universal PDF format because it allows to view our eBooks on any device.

Q: Do I need special software or hardware to use your eBooks?
A: You won’t need special software or hardware to use our eBooks. Our eBooks will work on PC, Mac, Tablets, Kindle, iPhone, Windows Phone and more.

Q: TinyBook’s purchase procedure?
A: Once the customers purchases an eBook, one of the eBooks will get pulled randomly, and gets digitally signed. After a few minutes later, the customer will get the eBook in their email address. We use an automated system to deliver eBooks because we want the customer to get the eBook fast as possible.

Q: Why eBooks?
A: We sell eBooks because eBooks won’t fade or decay over time, no shipping and handling fees, cost effective, and space effective.

Q: Why should I trust you?
A: We uses Stripe and Paypal to handle all of the payment transactions. As for extra protection, we use 256bit SSL on our website for extra security for our customers.

Q: How many per minute?
A: We can easily do around 500~ orders every minute. Our automated delivery system is made for speed. For exmaple, if you order more than one of the same book, you will get multiple emails of your purcahse.


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