Raises $8M, Korean E-Book Platform Ridibooks


Ridibooks, which claims to be South Korea’s largest e-book vendor, announced that it has raised a $8 million Series B to improve its user experience and reach new customers. Investors include NeoPlux, which led the round, Company K, Mirae Asset Venture Investment, and Atinum Investment.

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Could E-Books Be Damaging To Your Health?


The more you read about the wonders of modern day technology, accompanying it would also be their corresponding dangers, making you wonder whether you would be better off increasing your life expectancy by being a Luddite. Having said that, if you happen to find e-book readers to be an indispensable part of your technological regime, then you might want to take note that you could be damaging your health each time you curl up and sleep with your e-book reader, according to US doctors.

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Macmillan Strikes an Ebook Deal with Amazon


Macmillan becomes the latest Big Five publisher, after Hachetteand Simon & Schuster, to reach a new multiyear print and digital distribution agreement with Amazon that returns to a version of the agency model of ebook pricing.

The deal goes into effect on January 5, 2015, and allows the publisher to set its own ebook prices. Macmillan CEO John Sargent announced the agreement in a letter today to authors, illustrators and agents, pointing out that the company’s “consent degree” with the U.S. Department of Justice expires today. The provision had required Macmillan to allow ebook retailers, including Amazon, to discount the publisher’s titles.

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