‘Loves Me Not’ in eBook company’s top picks

A Dunedin book has made the ”must reads of 2014” of one of the world’s biggest eReader companies.

Toronto-based Kobo’s ”best of the year 2014” list includesLoves Me Not: How to Keep Relationships Safe by Bill O’Brien and Lesley Elliott.

Kobo proclaims the list as ”the best of the best” and the Dunedin entry was among six notable non-fiction books.

O’Brien said he was ”blown away” by the inclusion.

”Of all the non-fiction books worldwide, they chose six, and one of them was ours – it’s astounding – it’s a Dunedin story on lessons learned in Dunedin and people are reading it all over the world. It is hard to get your head around but very gratifying for an author.”

The former University of Otago writer-in-residence said he had written 30 books. This was the second he had co-authored with Elliott.

He had never had a book published by Kobo before.

”I’ve been writing for quite a long time and that’s the highest level I’ve got. Lesley and I are pretty stoked.”

The New Zealand Book Awards finalist said it was his first international accolade.

”I know it is only one company but it is a big company and to me it is huge.”

The book was released in October and the royalties from it went to the Sophie Elliott Foundation, he said.

Elliott said the accolade was ”exciting” but the book was never promoted to be a bestseller.

”We weren’t even pushing it – it is a book written for schools.”

Through the sponsorship of Zonta, the book was offered to year 12 pupils attending the nationwide Loves Me Not workshops.

The book was based on the warning signs missed by herself and her daughter, Sophie Elliott (22), who was stabbed to death in her own bedroom by her former boyfriend and university tutor, Clayton Weatherston, in 2008.


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