Average Price Stays Low…

Last week saw a precipitous drop in the average price of a best-selling ebook, from $7.21 to $5.68. Holiday discounting seemed a likely contributor, since the change coincided with the week leading up to Black Friday.

This week’s best-seller list appears to confirm those suspicions, with the average price slipping by a few cents more, to $5.61

Series are one answer to the mounting discoverability challenges of the digital market, and they’re hardly newcomers to the best-seller list, but the model’s impact is sometimes worth remarking. Eleven of this week’s top 25 ebooks (or about 44% of the list) belong in a series, including the only self-published title, Gone: Part 1 by Deborah Bladon, whose Ruin series had a strong showing recently.

Hachette, which struck a deal with Amazon last month, ending the two companies’ bitter standoff, finds its titles faring no better or worse on balance. The publisher’s new distribution agreement gives it back the ability to determine its own ebook prices but includes incentives on Amazon’s part to keep prices low.


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