Wiser’s New eBook Prepares for the Amazon Marketplace

Many online retailers get intimidated or confused when selling on Amazon, but there are strategies to help capitalize on its massive reach in order to achieve success.

Wiser’s latest eBook brings various tips and advice to ensure online retailers’ success on Amazon. The Amazon marketplace makes up 20% of e-commerce and has a wide array of products with prices that can change as frequently as every 15 minutes. It can be difficult to make the most of the opportunity Amazon presents.

Arie Shpanya, CEO of Wiser, said, “The Amazon marketplace can be a critical selling channel to many online retailers in the world of ecommerce. Unfortunately, many retailers fail to meet their full potential due to the hyper-competitive landscape. Wiser’s eBook aims to provide online retailers with the advice and information necessary to not just sell on Amazon, but to thrive.”

 From listing products to shipping, Wiser’s eBook covers the entire process of selling on Amazon. This comprehensive look includes a side-by-side comparison of Fulfillment by Amazon and Fulfillment by Manufacturer. There are various strategies sellers can take advantage of while selling on Amazon. Sellers should write engaging, complete descriptions of products and provide large, clear pictures of them as well. Including longtail tags to make products appear in the most specific searches is another good strategy. The top 10,000 most used search terms only make up 18.5% of all search traffic, so make sure products’ tags are as thorough as possible.

For retailers new to Amazon, or just looking to further optimize their selling strategy, Wiser’s eBook will outline how to build a solid foundation. From optimizing product descriptions to learning how to win the Buy Box, Wiser will reveal how to unlock the potential of selling on the Amazon marketplace.


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