Eight Reasons Why eBooks Makes Great Christmas Gifts

For decades or even centuries hundreds of Christmas Gifts have been placed under Christmas trees. Also for decades packages have traveled from state to state and even from country to country.

If you remember, about 20 years ago, the internet came to stay and to change our lives. The way we communicate with our friends and relatives in other cities and even countries evolved and became easier and cheaper.

 Many of us felt closer to them. However the courier companies continued saturated in the Christmas season.

This Internet age has evolved too, and now we are experiencing the Mobility Era shift; now we are free from the desktop and the wired connection, we went wireless and we are always online.

We are even closer to our far away dear ones and the way we establish relationships has changed. Now we can make friends in other countries, we can even find the love of our life in other city or country thanks to mobility and the Internet.

Books have evolved too; they have become digital, allowing the knowledge to be shared worldwide! Can you see how wonderful is this? How humanity have come closer? Culture, history, places, pictures… All of them shared in eBooks. So if a book has been typically considered a great gift, why not considering an eBook the same way?

Let me give you eight reasons to give eBooks to your friends and relatives abroad this Christmas:

  1. Mobile Devices, Specially Tablets Trends: Technology analysts coincide about the mobile devices sales trends for the years to come. IDC predicts that 270.5 million units will be sold by 2017. Gartner predicts a continuous 54.3% average growth in tablet shipments for the 2014.

  2. Larger List of Available Titles: eBooks have a big advantage over paperbacks, there are much more titles available in the digital format.

  3. Price: eBooks are usually a 30% or even less of the paperback price, this means we can give more books! More gifts! More smiles!

  4. Cheaper and Easier Deliveries: Sending an eBook is considerably cheaper, usually free of charges.

  5. Friendlier Delivery Timing: Yes! You can wait until the new best seller is released. The eBook delivery is immediate, with some retailers you can even schedule it to be delivered on a specific date.

  6. Eligibility: Most eBook retailers give the option of gift certificates; this way we give our friends and relatives the opportunity to choose their favorite eBook.

  7. Environment Friendly: Taking care of our planet has become a must, an eBook means ‘no paper’.

  8. Portability: How many books can you carry in your bag VS. How many eBooks you can have in your tablet. Have you consider that you may take them all with you?

It’s a fact that eBooks, same as tablets are here to stay, and their benefits increase by the day. It is just a matter of us accepting and getting used to them.

Just think about the 21st century kids. Their tablet contains their books, email, notes, homework, games, etc. They were born in the Mobility Era. This is the future, so let’s join it!

An eBook definitely makes a great gift this Christmas…


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