A Release New eBook “Out of the Woods: A True Story”, Musician Kevin Farley

Maine-based musician Kevin Farley, best known as the Irish Music Guy, will release his new eBook, Out of the Woods: A True Story, with Amazon Kindle on December 1, 2014.

The book focuses on Farley’s life-changing experience with Stephen Sondheim’s legendary musical, Into the Woods. Farley takes his six-year-old daughter to see a production of Into the Woods, thinking in his ignorance it would be appropriate for children because it’s about fairy tales. The only problem is that her mother died when the child was three weeks old. Seeing the show opened the floodgates to almost seven years of unresolved grief for both of them. The next morning, daughter wakes father and begs him to take her to see it again. And the same the next morning, and the next after that. And so begins a three-week journey into their own dark and scary woods.

Out of the Woods: A True Story is about the power of music, theatre and storytelling to open doors and cast light into dark corners, and the power of trust and friendship, as cast members of the show embrace their journey and show how true, life-changing catharsis can happen when you least expect it.


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